Privacy Policy

At Baobau, we respect the privacy of personal information of our users. The privacy statement prescribes the information collected, how we use and safeguard it. The privacy applies to our website. Users can opt for newsletters and other information through electronic communication. Likewise the users can stop receiving such services at their wish. The newsletter comes with instructions for unsubscribing. At times, users ask for products and services through our third party links. In such cases you may receive communication from them directly. We do not subscribe to the use of such information.

We track traffic related to domains, time zone, browser type and other data. We track statistical information including subscription numbers and other data. Such statistical data is used for analysis like server load, comment spam, site design requirements and administrative purposes. We also use the data for marketing analysis and to determine our future offers. The information we collect is personally identifiable and anonymous information. The former helps to identity you and it includes name, email address to sign up for our services. Additional information is collected for promotions, to participate in surveys, trade shows, events and the like.

Terms of Use

Welcome to our website. If you are using our website you agree to our terms and conditions. Our terms are created to address the content submission, commenting and other practices administering our website. We reserve all rights to change the terms and policies of the website without prior notice. Our submissions are uncompensated and no monetary compensation is paid by us. Engaging in communication on the website is free from any royalty.