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How Can Apps Improve Remote Working?

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How To Monitor Productivity In Remote Working?

Nowadays, remote working has become more than a trend as companies have realized that they are getting the right talents while reducing overhead costs. If surveys are to be believed, then remote working has shown more productivity than office working. Productivity is what every business need to be successful in their respective industries. If your employees are not productive enough, it will adversely affect your business. If you do not take any action to track the productivity, ultimately, it will end up in business failure. Many companies use productivity monitoring software to track their employees. Now, the question is, how can the user monitoring software make remote working more efficient?

Different Trackers For Effective And Efficient Remote Working

Technology is getting advanced daily, and businesses are quite enjoying the benefits these technologies can offer. There are different applications and software in the market which the business can use to monitor productivity. Since remote working is the new trend, monitoring productivity has become a little difficult. However, many applications can track employee productivity even though they are working remote. Here are some of the main applications and trackers that can help companies make the remote working process more efficient and effective.

  • Employee Time Tracker Apps

Time tracker apps or software helps the team leads coordinate resources and offers a chance to the remote workers to excel in their performance. Here is how time trackers can make remote working more efficient.

  • Time trackers document all the employees’ log-in and log-out time, and it also helps understand where the employees have spent their work hours. Since there is no manual work done in tracking time, the companies can eliminate the chances of human errors. The tracker can help the company understand the time the employee has taken to complete a task.
  • Time trackers can help the employee understand which task they spend too much time on and improve it. The tracking software allows the employees to do a performance management analysis and work on it. When they understand which area needs improvement, they will work on it, resulting in more productivity.

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  • Task Management Apps

Task management apps or software can help the employees identify high priority work. It can help the companies to improve remote working more effective by

  • Prioritization and time management go hand in hand when it comes to running a successful business. During remote working, there is a chance that employees might not prioritize the important tasks. Poor task management can lead to missing deadlines and can negatively affect a business. Task management apps can help you overcome such prioritization issues, and you will complete the important tasks on time.
  • If the remote working employee is a part of multiple projects, they must get everything important. With a task management app, it is possible to save all the activities regarding the projects, and it will be easier to check the saved document rather than memorizing everything. Task management apps improve the remote working efficiency by storing sensitive information, deadlines, etc. Know more


  • Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee attendance tracker is essential for a company’s reliability, profitability, and reputation even though the employees are working remotely. Here is how the tracker can help.

  • It is common to have errors when you try to track attendance manually. However, with a tracking app, you can ensure accurate time records, which will help in minimizing the manual error that can occur during data entry. The attendance tracker can also help in managing performance and payroll.
  • Managing and monitoring the attendance sheet is a tedious, costly, and time-consuming job. It takes hours to process the attendance sheet, cards, mark overtime, and make payrolls manually. With the tracker, you can save time and use that time in completing the other high priority work, which will ultimately result in high productivity.
  • With an attendance management tracker, companies can track employees with the help of various options such as internet networks, smartphones, etc.

Remote working has become more popular these days, and companies find it much easier to interact with employees. With these trackers mentioned above, the companies can effectively reduce overhead costs and other expenses while improving their employees’ productivity efficiently and effectively.

With the rise of remote working, it’s more important than ever for companies to maintain productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help you track your employees remotely—and even improve their performance.

Today we discussed how workplace monitoring software can make remote work better by improving employee engagement and satisfaction levels through increased transparency in the company culture.

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