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Mobile Learning Apps: The Future Of Education

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Mobile Learning Apps: The New Trend In Education

The current generation of students loves mobile apps. This generation was born listening to rhymes and lullabies from their parents’ mobile phones while in their mothers’ wombs. Therefore, their affinity for mobile apps comes as no surprise. What this generation shares with all other generations of students is their lack of fondness for studies, exams, and textbooks. However, for some strange reason, the outcome is brilliant when we combine mobile apps and studies! Teachers from an international school in Chennai ( say that students become more receptive and engaging when using mobile apps for learning. You can also browse a bit to learn more about the twelve principles of mobile learning.

Why Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning apps are expected to be one of the most popular educational trends in the coming year. In fact, students and mobile learning apps are the original odd couple. They combine to make students more receptive to learning. Apps can make learning easier and a joyous experience for children.

Mobile learning includes learning through portable digital devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This medium of learning opens up a slew of possibilities for the advancement of education. Mobile learning complements all other learning avenues such as lectures, direct classes, and virtual classes. Moreover, mobile apps are extremely handy to cross-check facts, formulas, maps, and chemical equations.

Mobile Learning Apps: How Important Are They Today?

Mobile phones are used to advance education and learning worldwide, and UNESCO is using SMS texts to distribute educational content to students in disadvantaged areas. Many apps and websites have been developed to help students and parents stay in touch and keep up with school events. Mobile learning is now being used in conjunction with other educational methods all over the globe.

Four children sitting in the class room, having smart phone in their hands and learning something curiously.

Benefits Of Using Apps In Education

Mobile learning apps are becoming increasingly popular because they:

  • Allow you to access study resources on the go and in the lead up to major exams
  • Make children more interactive and can encourage better engagement in the classroom
  • Encourage people to be entertained, and help students learn better
  • Provide a sense of novelty and fun to learning
  • Stimulate the brain to metabolise the input actively
  • Are accessible at any time of day or night and are child-friendly
  • Help children learn new skills without wasting any time
  • Encourage self-learning among users
  • Help teachers plan and provide more interactive lessons
  • Promote both smart and systematic learning
  • Allow you to track your children’s academic progress
  • Are environmentally friendly than traditional learning methods.

Why Mobile Apps Are The Future Of Education

Mobile learning will be an intrinsic part of future education, given the increasing preference for remote learning. Many academic institutions worldwide will rely heavily on online learning platforms to impart education. Of late, some of the best schools in Chennai are implementing mobile learning because of its flexibility, easy accessibility, and availability.

Mobile apps in education require only a simple download and are long-term in nature. Apps allow parents to ask questions about their child’s development at school, and teachers can answer questions from anywhere. Apps are also available for staying up to date on on-campus events and other important information. Moreover, mobile learning adapts to technological changes and is a cost-effective method to impart training for teachers.

Hence, mobile learning through apps is here to stay. It will remain a huge part of the education journey for forthcoming generations.

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