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Why music education should be included in schools?

Many schools do not provide music education as they do not know the importance and value of music. It is offered in very fewer schools. It is sad to hear that music has been excluded from the school curriculums to add other subjects.
Music is an important subject that helps the children to learn easily. It plays a significant part in better brain development, stress relief and enhances human connection. When music is removed, the children would no longer enjoy the benefits though they join or take up private lessons. It is not possible for all parents to join their kids in private music classes as they are expensive.

Enroll in Carnatic music classes in Nanganallur

Studying music is always a joy. If you have discovered the value of learning music and benefits of teaching music to your kids, you need to think about joining them in a music class. If it is a part of their school program, you do not have to worry. But, when it is not included in school classes, you should consider giving them private music coaching. There are several music programs given in form of free events, summer camp or special training program for the kids. It is necessary to search and join your kid so that they can enjoy learning a lot of things through music.

  • Music enhances brain development:

Several studies have clarified that music helps in enhancement of brain development in kids. There is lot of difference between simply switching the background music when students are working in subjects and receiving music education. Music education is an excellent option to improve reading comprehension abilities. It helps in better speech processing skills and obtains high reading scores. Reading is the most important skill which the child can easily develop by learning music. Reading is necessary for all the subjects. Though the subject is not connected to English literature, it involves certain reading skills.

  • Music helps in connecting with other people:

Music education helps students to easily mingle and bond with other people. As children are naturally social, you need to motivate them to develop relationships by offering experiences to share and mingle. Developing a small ensemble or school band or motivating the child to participate in a chorus would help them to work for a final product. It encourages bonding and offers something that they could recall together in the later years.
People of all age groups enjoy listening and playing music together that helps in creating bonds. Musical experiences can develop a strong memory or develop new ones.


  1. Sruthi says:

    It is true that everyone cannot be a genius by birth. Certain skills and traits can be developed in early childhood. I am really surprised to know about the benefits of attending instrumental music classes in Nanganallur. I was unaware that learning to play music can develop coordination of body-mind. It is true that hand and mind coordination influence the overall development of kids. I want my daughter to build her social skills, and thus I am looking for the right music classes in Nanganallur. Really an informative post. Worth sharing.

  2. Vino says:

    As mentioned above I used to play music for my daughter when she was a baby to make her sleep. I firmly believe music has the power to soothe body and mind. So I enrolled her in Vocal music classes in Nanganallur Looking forward to witnessing the overall development of her abilities and life skills. I very much wanted her to become language proficient as it would be useful for her career. I am aware of the various study results on the benefits of learning music in Nanganallur and other places.

  3. Raghav says:

    The post influences people to start their music training irrespective of their age. I have started to look for Carnatic vocal music classes in Mylapore and other areas. The post inspired me to take up music class even at the age of 50. I would spend my old age in a better way. It is surprising to know that music training can avoid hearing problems that develop in the old age. Indeed an inspiring post and I would suggest it to my friends. Looking forward to your future posts on enhancing the quality of life.

  4. Swetha says:

    Thanks for sharing the research findings on the impact of music on the functions of the brain. There are several types of research being conducted to reveal the benefits of music. Do share the research findings in your future post. The benefits of instrument training seem to be impressive as it helps in the overall development of an individual. It is good news that music classes in Mylapore would offer a bright future to kids. The post offers the right advice for parents. I have decided to take up music class so that I can avoid aging problems as mentioned above. Thanks for the post.

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