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Shopping the Mobile App Way
December 24, 2018
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How Popular Apps Help In Promoting Your Business?
December 24, 2018

Popular Apps That Can Be Used In Spa And Salon Industry

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Spa owners look for ways to manage their spa effectively. Technology can help in making your business process easy. Different spa apps would help to make your spa business easy. A full-fledged spa app can contribute to satisfying your customers. There are spa apps for managing appointments, maintaining customer information, online booking etc., payment apps etc.

The following are some of the spa and salon apps that are recommended by Mr. Augustine of Riverday Spa, to improve business.

Make up brushes and creams displayed on a table with a box written as Beautylish.Beuatylish -A Training App

This is a popular app that talks about your spa services in detail. You can find many tutorials, and video is this app. This spa app can be used to educate and train spa therapists and stylists. The app enlightens the spa professionals of the current beauty trends. You would get to know about the latest hairstyles and other grooming techniques.

This app is of great use for your clients as it details about the spa services available in your spa. You can share the current fashion trends on the social media pages and inspire your clients.

Instagram- Photo And Video Sharing App

This universal app can be used for promoting your spa business. It is mainly used for sharing pictures and videos of the latest hairstyles, colour trends etc. This helps to share fashion pictures to the public. Popular spas make use of the Instagram app for sharing the photos of their latest spa services.

Trello- Management App

This is a business management tool, which helps in managing and tracking the various activities of your spa. It is a simple app which can be used by anyone. It is used primarily for monitoring the services of your spa professionals. The app helps to track the performance of your spa professionals. It can also assign spa services based on the availability of the spa professionals.

Evernote- Note Making App

This note making an app is used widely in various businesses. Spa owners can make use of this app for storing business data. ThisEvernote - A Note making app with an elephant face as its logo and related images around it. note making app helps in taking some important notes regarding appointments, spa services, customer contact information etc.

Clear –Time Management App

This time management app can help in managing the appointments of your spa centre. It makes it possible to undertake various spa services at the same time. The app is user-friendly, and your workers find it easy to use it. This time management app can help to complete the tasks on time.

Canva-Design App

It is a designer app so that you can make use of the images for creating advertisements. It is a simple design app which makes use of the drag and drop feature. Spa centres use this app to create professional templates with the use of this designing app. This app helps in promoting your business by letting know about your services to your customers.

Slack- Communication App

This is a communication app which is used for interacting with clients of your business. Spa centres use this communication app for sending messages to clients, booking appointments, sending promotional messages etc.

Make use of the above apps in your spa centers, and you can take your business to the next level.


  1. Rubina says:

    Really surprised to know how technology has made it easier for spa centers to take their business to the next level. A useful post for spa owners for choosing the right app for their spa center. I thank the Baobau team for their efforts in compiling this post.

  2. Mowni says:

    The use of beautylish training app helped my spa therapists to know about the latest trend in the spa industry. My clients made use of the app to know about the spa services offered by us. A useful training app for spa owners.

  3. Karun says:

    The post rightly lists the features and benefits of using various apps for the spa and salon center. The above apps mentioned are mainly used for attracting clients so that spa owners can compete with others in the spa industry.

  4. Sanku says:

    I find it really difficult to manage client appointments for the spa services provided by our spa center. I hope that the use of clear app would be mentioned in the above post would help in a tremendous way to manage my client appointments based on the availability of the spa therapists.

  5. Ravi says:

    Running a spa center can be difficult. But with the advancement in technology, managing spa is becoming very easy and convenient. I am going to start a salon and hope this post will help me for choosing the most suitable applications.

  6. Gautam says:

    While I am busy making my clients feel and look beautiful, some of the above mentioned apps are working seamlessly in filling and managing my schedule. All thanks to the team of Baobau for putting up this post which has been the perfect assistant.

  7. Mohan says:

    It is true that without technology, managing any kind of business would have been tough. The post helped me a lot to choose the appropriate tools for my business. I have also been able to promote my business digitally. Thanks to the team

  8. Bagavathi says:

    The ‘Beuatylish’ training app has helped me a lot in learning new techniques. It keeps me updated with the latest beauty treatments. The app also allows me to share the services that my salon offers and keep customers informed.

  9. Jebha says:

    It is a very useful post for spa owner who can control online bookings, scheduling appointments, managing employees and marketing from the above mentioned spa applications. I am glad that the team has put efforts in informing people about these awesome existing apps.

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