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April 9, 2018
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December 24, 2018

11 Trends In Mobile Applications That Will Dominate The Market In 2018

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Mobile application development was the most developed sector in 2017. More technological advancements are expected in 2018. website provides an interesting study on the mobile app trends and the research going on to develop them further.

The eleven trends that will be a rage in 2018:

M-payment apps have got tremendous popularity since payments can be made quickly and fast without even budging from a place. The number of transactions is increasing day by day, and the processing fee is also minimal, attracting more potential users. People are not carrying cash and are relying on mobile deals that are safer. Like the mobile billing software, businesses are inclining towards the POS Software.

Blockchain mobile apps : Many brands have introduced Blockchain mobile apps and smart security technology features for industries like real estate. This adds the element of security to the supply chain management system. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are already ruling the market. Banks and government firms are adopting this technology for

  • Regulating compliance policies.
  • Asset management
  • Contract management
  • Transaction management

The progressive web apps are being adopted all over the commerce field keeping their speed, reliability, reachability, cost-effectiveness, and engagement. The app has a set of distinct features like offline working mode, push notifications, quick updates and fast navigation.

People want to connect more with the world with simplicity and easiness. We have technology that runs the house smoothly like controlling the lighting, thermostat, locks, cameras and entertainment system, etc.

Till now, AR/VR was used extensively in entertainment and gaming industry. Employing these in M-commerce will fetch good results. Fields of healthcare, education, etc. are applying this technique to increase the effectiveness of their conversation rates with the customers.

Most of the businesses these days prefer enterprise apps to keep their employees bonded. Virtual meetings and discussions are in vogue now that conserve space and time. Work can be done anytime and from any place.

On-demand service apps like beauty, entertainment, food, laundry, daily chores were ranked highest during 2017 and will increase further in 2018. On-demand services revenue chunk is the highest as new technology is incorporated.

Instant apps on Google play store need not be downloaded completely. Clicking on a URL will lead to the site of the product. It will help save the storage space and will increase the brand visibility.

M-health apps have revolutionized the medical field. Patients are booking online appointments, and the apps are suggesting the line of treatment. Electronic medical records keep a complete database of the patients and their medical history.

Instead of having apps for different IOS and Android platforms, efforts are being made to develop apps that work on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Almost 50% of the people want to interact with the business sites through text messages. AI and chatbots analyze the chats and predict the mindset of the customers.

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