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March 19, 2018
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11 Trends In Mobile Applications That Will Dominate The Market In 2018
April 15, 2018

The Latest Mobile E-Commerce Trends To Look Out For

The shopping experience has grown over a new horizon in the aspect of M-commerce apps. This virtual market has tremendous potential, and all the sectors including Retail, Food & Beverages, Gold & Diamond Jewelry Stores are making use of it for extensive development. https://www.statista.com/topics/1002/mobile-app-usage/ can help you to know about the latest M-commerce developments.

M-commerce app trends in 2018:
1) 534 million customers are set to buy mobile related products and payments are set to hit 707 billion dollars.
2) 54% of Indians, 74% of Chinese and 46% of the Americans are the highest engaging in E-commerce.
3) People spend nearly 45 days in researching about the mobile products ranging around 1000 dollars.
4) Almost 80% of the people made purchases on mobiles in 1-2 days.
5) 28% people made app store purchases
6) 67% of the people enjoyed app store experience and bought the products.

Let us see the nine trends that will impact the market in 2018:

Shoppable tags: These tags will become more common on all the platforms, not only Instagram. The tags contain the name of the product and its price. Once opened, it will display the whole information of the product which will make the work of shoppers easier.

Videos: Videos will continue to be the best medium for promotions and advertising. Boomerang and Live videos are attractive and help in increasing the visibility of the brands and products. Videos are easy to make and share all over the internet and in social media.

Investment in beacons: A small device that connects the power of the internet to our everyday life, the retailers are investing more money on beacons to know and patronize the normal behavior of M-commerce application users. The study is worth it to increase the sales and business.

Personalization of experience: Most M-commerce users prefer personalized experience to make purchases from the app store. Artificial intelligence is being used in predicting the kind of experience customers want and the products that they will choose shortly.

Omnichannel experience: The brands have to create an everlasting impression on the users. So, they have to be present in every field like on websites, blogs, desktop and mobiles and in the form of brick and mortar stores.

Advancement of automation: Automation tools like E-mail contact, updates on social media, an announcement of vouchers and discounts will streamline the business activities reducing the strain on retailers and hence, profits can be reaped.

Payments in a single click: Most of the customers abandon purchases due to the time delay in entering the details repeatedly. Single click payments were initiated by Amazon, and this is the reason for their success. Most of the other sites are following suit.[G28]

Augmented reality: AR technology will be on peak in 2018. 61% users prefer brands to use AR, 40% want to experience AR before buying the product and 71% people are loyal towards AR facility.

Chat boxes influence: Chat boxes are personalized and offer readymade solutions to the issues 24*7. Chatbox history can be used to know the mentality of customers and what they expect from the product and the difficulties that they are facing.

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