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March 5, 2018
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March 19, 2018

The Way Mobile Applications Are Transforming Health Care

AI is the artificial intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the knowledge of humans. It is the study of intelligence that perceive the environment and maximizes the chance of success to infinity. AI these days is playing a crucial role in the healthcare system. Hospital management software has changed the traditional approach of hospitals in dealing with their patients. website gives us quick information on the storm of AI in health care system.

Let us get surprised by going through the innovative ways that provide an insight into how artificial intelligence is changing the shape of health care system:

Artificial intelligence 🙁 AI)
Better treatment plans and schedules for both the doctors and the patients are planned and implemented well by the mobile applications. Processes of treatment, drug creation, and medication management are revolutionized by AI.

Analysis of the system:
Due to digitalization of patient records, data of the doctors, line of treatment can be retrieved quickly. By looking at the old reports, hospitals can rectify their mistakes and prevent them from happening in the future that secures the health of the patients.

Precision medicines:
Artificial intelligence has impacted genetics and genomes. Patterns in the enormous data sets can be identified by AI that has precious genetic information through which link to diseases can be found. AI in the future can suggest the doctors on the changes in DNA due to genetic variation.

Creation of drugs:
Clinical trials on the medicines and drugs take up millions of dollars and a significant amount of time. We have a system called Atomwise that is a network of highly advanced supercomputers. The artificial intelligence in Atomwise has studied the existing medicines, and it found two drugs by redesigning the existing ones to treat the epidemic of Ebola virus. Atomwise scrutinizes the databases of molecular structures.

Management of medication and health assistance:
Sensely is a medical startup hub that designed a virtual nurse Molly with soft and soothing voice and behavior. The nurse monitors the chronic condition of the patients. She instructs the patients to take medications on time and gives suggestions to improve their chronic disease. She monitors the health of the patients in between the checkups.

Change in online and in-person consultations:
There is an app called Babylon that offers health consultations online and advice based on the medical history of the patients. The app consults its database once the patient reveals his/her symptoms and illness and guides him/her through the treatment and medication. Robotics in surgeries is becoming popular by the day. These apps can store vast amounts of data without any errors.

Assistance in repetitive jobs:
Cognitive health assistants like medical sieve analyze radiology reports and point out to the issues very fast with no errors. Cognitive health assistants have excellent reasoning and analyzing capabilities with complete healthcare knowledge.

Designing treatment plans:
An application called IBM Watson scrutinizes all the structured and unstructured data and provides reports and line of treatment in the field of Oncology. Mobile apps analyze data and give detailed descriptions.

Data mining:
The apps collect, normalize, store and trace the patient records and design the pathway of treatment. Data mining results in faster and efficient health services.

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