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March 13, 2018
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Exciting Applications That Make Life Easier

The Internet can be applied to almost all the fields making life more comfortable and the techniques simpler. Technological advancement using the internet has been breaking the frontiers and is now being employed to reduce the operating costs and to increase the business efficiency. Mobile applications are making headlines in streamlining various complicated processes and to know where this technology can be used seamlessly, read through .

Application of IOT in the field of Automotive:
Nowadays, people are in much anticipation of robotic or self-driven cars. These cars operate automatically without any human help. Human negligence and interference can be reduced to a huge extent. The cars follow the traffic rules with the aid of sensors. They will direct themselves after being indicated of the destination.

Application of IOT in the field of Logistics:
Tags with chips embedded in them are being attached to parcels that will make it easier for us to track them. The delivery status and the location of the package can be known with the click of a button.

Application of IOT in the field of Agriculture:
The irrigation system has become automatic, and it can be controlled according to the weather conditions. The users are warned about the extreme weather conditions so that they can take necessary precautions. Watering is done according to the water level in the crops by commanding the sprinklers. Time to schedule can also be set for manure and medicine application.

Integrated pet care system:
There are communities and platforms for pets wherein you can register them by filling their details. In case they are lost, the apps will notify you and the members of other communities too. The pet has to be tagged with a GPS locator.

Smart TVs:
What we know about smart TVs is that we can stream and browse the content of internet on TV and can use pen drives, fire sticks and can connect our mobiles to the TV to view the content. We can also control the TV from its app. We can monitor kids and block unwanted content.

We also have smart ACs and lawn mowers that can be controlled from indoors, and we can set their working pattern too.

Smart microwaves:
We can put the required ingredients in the microwave bowl and switch it on from any location outside of the home and enjoy the food as soon as we reach home. The ovens also send signals or messages to the phone once the food is ready for consumption.

Fitness and healthcare apps:
There are many wearables available in the market that monitor the health of people and give them information about their vital stats. They suggest exercise routines and diet plans. Some apps will provide access to consult a doctor and will notify you about the medicine schedules.

Smart home:
Apps can control thermostats, cameras, alarms, doors and the driveway. The smart system switches off all the electric equipment when not in use. This optimizes the use of power. Smartphone apps notify you of any trespassers and intruders too. Make sure you choose the best home automation company to make your home intelligent and smart!

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